Service Policies

Service Policies

  • Photo/Image License/copyright
  • Rescheduling and Cancellations
  • Bookings and Payments
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivery of Images
  • Engaging with our Services

Photo/Image License/Copyright

All images remain copyrighted property of Nic Joy Photography. By purchasing and/or downloading images as the client you agree to use for personal use only and agree you are not legally allowed to sell or monetize images with/to any third parties.

If images are ordered/downloaded for business purposes you as the client agree the images remain property of Nic Joy Photography and may be used for promotional purposes by us. You also agree you have the license to use for business promotional and non promotional purposes but can not monetize for yourself or sell images to any third parties.

By ordering and/or downloading images you agree to not edit or change the images in any way unless written consent is given by Nic Joy Photography.

For business purposes however, editing such as social media filters and stickers are permitted within reason. Business info or wording may be overlayed on or around images ordered under our business category.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

We urge you as the client to consult with us and order carefully to make sure it is a fit for you, as we do not offer refunds.

This is because of the nature of this service as all orders require planning, admin and time that can often be before the actual product is delivered.

For these reasons if you would like to cancel your order you will be charged for anything we have already started working on this includes but not limited to any planning, shoots, editing, information and consultations. Any remaining amount paid can be credited towards any of our services.

Any images that are downloaded or have already been received physically or electronically by the client are considered finished and can not be refunded.

To reschedule a booking you must advise us at least 24hrs before the time of your appointment.

If you do not advise it may incur an extra fee on your next booking.

Bookings and Payment

All bookings must be made, confirmed and secured by full payment at least 14 days prior to set date.

For larger events or contracts please contact us for specific guidelines and payment options/timeframes.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are not completely satisfied with the delivered images we are more than happy to review and re-shoot or re-edit based on your preference.

We are a creativity based company and often miscommunication of a concept or idea can be misinterpreted and created differently to what you as the client had visualized. We know this can sometimes take some tries to get to where you are happy and satisfied and are more than happy to work with you to get there. For any changes you need to get in touch with us withing 3 business days from the delivery of images/products. After 3 day mark you will have to make a new order/booking.

Any rework is done within reason and is all subject to our discretion and capabilities.

Delivery of Images

All images are delivered in our client area of this website. You will have a private gallery set up and be sent a password so you can access, view and download your images.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be completed after payment has been made in full and all steps of your project have been made. Some of our services may require more than one meeting and/or shoot before the order can be finalized.

Printed services/images can differ in delivery time. Please contact us with any specific questions.

If you require a rush delivery please inquire as to how we can accommodate but an additional fee may be added.

Engaging with our Services

When a payment has been made the order is considered final and that you as the client agree with our policies including but not limited to the ones written here.

By downloading images in a client gallery or receiving images electronically or physically we consider the order being delivered and finished.

For any changes you need to get in touch with us withing 3 business days from the delivery of images/products. After 3 day mark you will have to make a new order/booking.

By ordering or booking you agree that you have seen our portfolio and agree that it fits what you are looking for. We do cater to specific and custom projects but as we are a creativity based business can not always guarantee it will be exactly as visualized by the client, however we do our best to work together towards that goal.